Check your flight status
Track your flight status

You can easily track your flight status like Arrival and Departure of flight using flight tracker tool can get the flight status by entering the Flight name or code,Departure Date can also track the flight status By Route and By Airport.

For Example:

Tracking flight status By Flight option-

Suppose i want to check the flight status of spicejet flight number SG285 i would type the spicejet in the airline field Ajax drop down list will appear that will suggest the Airline name to choose from the list.Then type in the flight field SG285 chose the departure date click search and you are done.

Tracking flight status By Route option-

Similarly we can track the flight by route click on By Route option now in the departure field we have to type the Airport name or code from where the flight will depart and in arrival field we will type the Airport name or code where the flight will the particular date and then click on search.

Tracking flight status by Airport option

If we want to check the flight status by Airport option then select that option first from the tracker tool Enter the Airport name or code in the Airport field choose the particular date select the time period you may or may not give the Airline name that is optional and make sure to check the radio button at the bottom that is Departure or arrival and then click search.