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PNR status of the indian railway ticket is the current ticket status it could be confirm,RAC or waiting list it depends upon the train's seat availability. provides the easy user interface to check your pnr status of the ticket.All you have to do is to enter the 10 digit pnr number in the input field and click on check pnr status button and you are done.PNR (Person Name Record)number can be found on the top left corner of your railway ticket.

Getting a confirm ticket has become very difficult these days because of the population which is increasing at an alarming rate. I would suggest you to plan your journey and make reservation in advance.Passenger can get the Train timing and the seat availability by visiting official indian railway website.


Know more about PNR and Ticket Status in Details:

As per  Indian Railway a person can do advance booking of the ticket 90 days in advance of the date of journey.So it is better to plan our journey date and book our ticket in advance to get the confirm ticket.we can easily check our ticket status whether it is Confirm,WL (Wait list) OR RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) in the ticket.The coach number and berth number is clearly mentioned in the ticket when we get the confirm ticket.


RAC is also called as Reservation against cancellation this means that you don't have the confirm ticket but you avail sitting accommodation in the train. RAC ticket has higher chances of getting confirm than the WL ticket because of the cancellation of ticket closer to the travel date.The cancelled ticket seat allotted to the RAC ticket holder. RAC ticket is generally a side lower berth which is being shared by the two person once the RAC ticket get confirmed a separate berth is allotted to the passenger.


WL or wait list ticket is the ticket which is in the waiting list to get confirmed however there is no guaranty whether these ticket will be confirmed or not. Passenger with the wait list ticket doesn't avail any sitting accommodation too.The number of wait list ticket is declared by the Railway official once the wait list exceeded the limit it is declared as REGRET this means no wait list ticket would be allotted further hence passenger cannot buy the ticket when its status is REGRET.


Some times we get confused because RAC/WL ticket has two numbers like WL50/WL15 the first number WL50 is indicating that at the time of ticket purchasing you were on the wait list 50 and the second number WL15 indicates that there were 35 tickets have been cancelled so the second number is WL15. (50-15=35) you can easily predict the rate of cancellation whether your ticket would get confirmed or not but you cannot guess because it depends upon the number of cancellation.


Keep checking your ticket status in case it is  RAC or WL can simply enter the pnr number and check the current ticket status please visit or the Indian railway Official website